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SANINNO develops and provides innovative sanitizing solutions to today’s germ threat problems—with microbiological shield protection products and services.

SANINNO’S SAFMAXX Disinfecting Services clean and protect commercial, residential, institutional, educational, healthcare, and hospitality buildings and vehicles. SAFMAXX’s unique program safely delivers EPA-registeredhospital-grade disinfectant in an electrostatic mist, killing 99.999% of microbiological threats, preventing them from adhering and surviving. Scent-free and fume-free, SAFMAXX Disinfecting Service delivers the protection you need now to eliminate viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, allergens, and odor—with no harsh chemicals. SAFMAXX Disinfecting Service estimates are free and contactless.

SANINNO’S SAFMAXX Hand Sanitizer is FDA-registered, clinically-proven, non-alcohol, non-flammable, scent-free, non-allergenic, safe, and effective. SAFMAXX delivers persistent, glove-like coverage—a microbiological shield killing 99.99% of germ dangers lurking on high-touch points and surfaces in the home, office, school, healthcare areas, public spaces and transit—and SAFMAXX continues protecting up to 4 hours. SANINNO offers SAFMAXX Hand Sanitizer in sizes for home, office, industry, institutions—and on the go.


Gary Beck  With more than 22 years of global business consulting, SANNINO co-founder, Gary Beck has extensive expertise in logistics, manufacturing, distribution, and the operation of complex international business strategies. Through his businesses G&N Enterprise and Beck Consulting Firm, Gary has operated as a partner, investor, and consultant advising on and managing the development, integration, operations, sales and manufacturing of high-quality medical goods, medical equipment, lab supplies, PPE, and medicines. Gary’s work has included working with producers of international environmental cleaning robotics and high-tech biomass green energy solutions.


Na Beck  >  An expert FDA drug code labeler, SANINNO co-founder Na Beck brings more than 22 years of expertise in the international business operations, strategic planning, sales management, design and manufacturing of high-quality medical goods, medical equipment, lab supplies, PPE, and medicines, as co-founder of G&N Enterprise. Na is also a professional software engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the implementation of supply chain and logistics systems.


Bob Crisler  Working directly with physicians and pharmaceutical partners for more than 25 years, SANINNO co-founder Bob Crisler has been at the forefront of medical technology as the co-founder of several healthcare technology start-ups. A pioneer in the computer-based patient education and informed consent arena, as well as the foodservice safety technology arena, Bob and partners formed companies that were purchased by Canfield Medical, Universal Studios, and the National Restaurant Association.

Kurt Metzner  >  With a career that includes more than fifteen years of healthcare leadership as President/CEO of Mississippi Baptist Health Systems, Inc., as well as various healthcare industry startups, Kurt Metzner is well known as one of the foremost healthcare leaders in the South. Kurt’s executive leadership in the hospital, medical, and healthcare services arena includes looking for solutions to support physicians’ and healthcare providers’ evolving needs. SANINNO benefits from Kurt’s leadership as advisor and board member.

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